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If you’re like us, you don’t have the time or energy to deal with a confusing and lengthy sales process when it comes to renovating your home. Home ORB provides simple, pain- and pressure-free renovation bids with none of the standard hassles of dealing with a salesperson. While most contractors will happily provide you with a free estimate on your project, these estimates are often slapdash at best. Many times these estimates are done hurriedly, and some less-than-reputable contractors may quote low just to attract business before driving up their labor cost.

Home ORB helps you detour around that tedious process. You simply answer a few questions about your home and project and we provide you with a bid! If you’re ready to take a next step we’re happy to schedule an in-home visit to take a look at the project and connect you with one of our qualified specialists.

How Does it Work?

You’re probably thinking that all sounds a bit too simple. It is – and that’s the point! That’s how we keep the process pain- and pressure-free. But there’s a lot that happens behind the scenes. Here’s how it works: using a series of carefully crafted questions and equations we can accurately estimate the cost of your home renovation project.

Your answers allow us to produce a precise and accurate quote that we will provide for you instantly. You can shop this quote to different contractors, or if you prefer, we can schedule an in-home visit with a specialist who will verify and honor your Home ORB quote.

How to Get Started

Getting started is the easiest part! All we need is some basic information from you. Once we’ve received your information, we can begin generating your bid.

Home ORB currently offers two levels of roofing quote: a basic and a deluxe package, with more home renovation options coming in the future. Once you give us the information we need to formulate a bid you’ll be able to see the cost difference between standard and premium level shingles of your choice.

Other Services

In the near future Home Orb will offer free renovation bids for siding, windows, doors, and flooring. We want to be your go to source for free and painless bids for all of your home renovation projects.

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Home ORB provides you with the easiest renovation quote you’ve ever received. If you’re looking for roofing work, but you don’t want to bother dealing with salespeople who will try to manipulate you, then Home ORB is the perfect service for you. Get started now!

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