FAQs about Home ORB

Because our process is so innovative, the simplicity and effectiveness attract a lot of questions. Here we take some time to respond to common questions about the Roof ORB process.

What if the roof is rotten in some areas?

Unfortunately, because rot occurs beneath the shingles, it is not something we are able to see and assess without an in-home visit. If you are concerned that you may have wood rot underneath your shingles, give us a call and we will help you sort out your options.

What happens after I have a quote?

You have options! You can immediately schedule a site visit, call us to discuss your quote and let us connect you with our qualified installer in your area, or with our quote in hand you can shop around to find a contractor suitable to your needs.

How does your roofing quote process work?

Great question! Even though the process is fast, a lot happens that you don’t see. Once you answer a few questions, we are able to calculate the surface area of your roof. With this information and your product selections, we are able to determine an estimate for repairing your roof.

Will I get annoying phone calls after I've received my quote?

Absolutely not! Because Home ORB is about providing the best and easiest customer experience possible, we will not pester you, and we will not release your information. The only contact from us you’ll get is if you’ve requested it!

Why should I choose Home ORB?

Our greatest concern is ensuring that you receive a great renovation quote with as little effort as possible. That is why we offer you the opportunity to get a renovation quote completely online without dealing with any salespeople or middlemen. Once we have delivered a quote to you, you will be in complete control of the process. You will not have anyone pressuring you to use their service. With your quote, you can choose to let us connect you with a reputable contractor who will honor our bid, or you can shop it around to contractors to find the best one for you. By making the entire process free of pain and pressure, we ensure that you get the best services possible. That’s what sets Home ORB apart from the rest!