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Get your Pain & Pressure Free

Roofing Quote

Roof ORB provides simple, pain- and pressure-free roofing quotes with none of the standard hassles of dealing with a salesperson. While most roofing contractors will happily provide you with a free estimate on your roof, these estimates are often slapdash at best. Many times these estimates are done hurriedly, and some less-than-reputable contractors may quote low just to attract business before driving up their labor cost.

Roof ORB helps you detour around that tedious process. You simply provide us with a payment and your location, and we’ll email you a quote within two days!

How Does it Work?

You’re probably thinking that all sounds a bit too simple. It is – and that’s the point! That’s how we keep the process pain- and pressure-free. But there’s a lot that happens behind the scenes. Here’s how it works: using our sophisticated satellite technology, we can achieve a remarkably detailed view of your roof. It’s so detailed, in fact, that we can see every nook, cranny, and blemish on your roof!

This satellite image allows us to produce a precise and accurate roofing quote that we will email straight to you within 24-48 hours of your purchase. You can shop this quote to different contractors, or if you prefer, we can put you into direct contact with a contractor who will honor your Roof ORB quote.

How to Get Started

Getting started is the easiest part! All we need is some basic information from you, including your location and a form of payment. Once we’ve received your information, we can begin generating your roofing quote.

Roof ORB offers two levels of roofing quote: a basic and a deluxe package. The latter comes with a full Eagleview report that includes detailed images and information about your roof, such as the roof length, pitch, and more. The Eagleview report will provide a contractor with everything they need to know about your roof to give you the best service possible.

Other Services

Take a moment to check out our free roofing calculator which will help provide DIY homeowners and contractors with a sense of what their project may cost. Our calculator uses current market pricing for materials to provide you with the best estimates possible.

Try Roof ORB Today!

Roof ORB provides you with the easiest roofing quote you’ve ever received. If you’re looking for roofing work, but you don’t want to bother dealing with salesmen who will try to manipulate you, then Roof ORB is the perfect service for you. Get started now!