How Home ORB Works

Home ORB is here to make the process of receiving a renovation quote as simple as possible without any of the complications or trouble of dealing with a pushy salesman. In fact, our process is so simple that you don’t have to deal with anyone at all unless you want to! And not only that, by eliminating the salesperson, we also eliminate their commission from your bill, which can run sometimes up to 30% of what you would be paying.

If that sounds too good to be true,

then let us explain how the process works in three easy steps.


You provide us with the necessary information. This includes your house style, square footage, and approximate roof slope. You can do all of this from the comfort of your home through our Get a Quote page.


As we receive your information we are able to calculate an accurate cost for your home renovation project. Our formula allows us to figure such crucial information as the pitch and area of your roof as well, giving us the ideal information for generating a quote.


Following our calculations, and your product selections, your renovation bid will be available instantly so you will not be stuck waiting for this important information.

How to Use Your Home ORB Quote

Not only will a Home ORB quote be fast and accurate, but we use current market pricing to give you a true market value price. Once you have your renovation quote in hand, you can shop it around to various contractors. Or, if you would prefer to bypass that process altogether, Home ORB will be happy to connect you with our field verification department who will verify, honor your quote and schedule your installation right away. Just complete the form at the end of the process to schedule an in-home visit.

Choose Home ORB for Your Renovation Quote

The team at Home ORB is dedicated to making your experience pain- and hassle-free, which is why we’ve developed a system for estimating roofing costs that does not require a site visit. By allowing you to set up your quote right from your home and using our formula, we not only expedite the process but we also save you a significant chunk of cash that you can put toward the project itself. Why bother arguing with a salesman who may be more interested in your money than the quality of the finished job? Set up your next renovation quote with Home ORB and let us show you just how hassle-free the process really is.