Hassle-Free Roof Quotes

Roof estimates shouldn’t be difficult, and that’s why Home Orb makes them easy. You don’t have to deal with a salesperson or endless emails. Just input your information and get your roof estimate. Simple as that! Just answer our series of questions below to get your quote:

Information We Need

To accurately create roof estimates for you, we need certain information. The more accurate the information you can provide us, the more accurate our quote will be. We’ll break down the information we’ll need below.

Type of House:

Knowing if you live in a single or two-story home tells us how much of your square footage to figure into the size of your roof. If you have a two-story or three-story house, the estimate may be higher than it would be with a single story.

Square Footage of your House:

The square footage of your home as well as how many stories helps us calculate how much square footage your roof is covering.

Roof Slope:

The slope of your roof will make a difference in the price of your installation. Typically, the steeper the slope, the greater the surface area and the higher the estimate will be. We make this step really simple for you by providing 4 illustrated options. Just select the drawing that closely resembles the slope of your roof.

Difficulty of Roof:

Knowing how good of shape your roof is in, or how torn up it is, will affect the overall price of your installation. Unfortunately this can be hard to see from the ground, but scheduling an in-home visit will allow one of our qualified contractors to take a closer look. Our online roof bids do not include the labor and material that may be needed for a water damaged roof.

Number of Skylights:

Roof estimates are higher if there are multiple skylights because they need to be worked around or flashed.

Number of Chimneys:

Just like the skylights, roof estimates are higher if there are chimneys that need to be worked around or flashed.

Roofing Material:

Finally, a big factor that affects the price of roof estimates is what type of material you want to use. Asphalt and architectural shingles tend to be the most common, and we have several brands, colors, and quality levels for you to choose from.

Our roof estimates are completely free, so once you answer all of our questions we will provide you an accurate estimate that will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for a roof installation. Keep in mind that if you have wood that is rotting underneath the shingles, the contractor won’t be able to know this until installation. This may cause the price to fluctuate.

Get Accurate Roof Estimates Today

Home Orb provides free estimates for your convenience. These quotes can be brought to contractors and compared to their quotes. Of course, Home Orb can also connect you with reputable contractors. The best part about our quotes? You don’t deal with the hassle of a salesperson. Simply fill out your information and you get a highly accurate quote based on fair market value. Contact us or request a quote today!